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BBB News (Bitter Buggers' Blog)

WordPress Blog inside Joomla

Web DesignPosted by Temel Bahadir Mon, September 26, 2011 13:38:14

How to create a WordPress blog inside your Joomla Installation:

1) Log on to your website Control Panel (not the Joomla control panel)

2) Go down to "Software/Services" and click "Softaculous"

3) Click "Blogs" then "WordPress"

4) Click "Install"

5) Type a Site Name, a new password, e-mail adress and click "Install"

6) If installation is successful you get the address to your new blog. Click to open it.

7) Once on the website click "Side Admin" and log in as "admin" (with the pw you choose during the installation) to manage various configurations for the blog.

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